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Where I End and You Begin.

29 October
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i'm not here this isn't happening

If what I'm saying doesn't make any sense,
that's because sense cannot be made
It's something that must be sensed
And I, for one, am incensed by all this complacency.


againstme aperfectcircle asilaydying badlydrawnboy blackdahliamurder bobmarley brokensilence coldplay crestfallen davebrubeck deadtofall devendrabanhart dillingerescapeplan elliotsmith fromautumntoashes hopesfall hypon ironandwine jimihendrix johncoltrane karate kingsofconvenience milesdavis mogwai nadasurf nickdrake nora normajean on pedrothelion phish poisonthewell radiohead rememberingnever rufuswainright shaihalud silverchair skycamefalling smashingpumpkins sneakerpimps sublime theclash thedoors thepixies thesexpistols tool undying unearth vivaldi wallsofjericho wilco worldmusic zao

The girl:
barely breathing. a poet. wants to run into a sunset. (come with me?). sees the world being infested with ignorance. stupid with emotion. since emotion is dead. loves her guitar. talks to walls. victim of pms. chocolate addict. an artist.(art?). swims in clouds. drinks the rain. murders the sun. kisses the moon. sleeps in mud. sings in silence. speaks when spoken to. confuses:herself. doesn’t care. indifferent. because she’s repetitive and uses two words meaning the same thing. and all. not back yet.

a perfect circle, acid rain, art, ashes, avarice, bleeding skies, bob marley, body art, bosch, boulevards, boxers, boys with acoustic guitars, broken glass, broken silence, candles, chipped nail polish, climbing trees, coffee, coffee houses, coheed and cambria, cold, coldplay, cookie dough, cucumber rolls, cynicism, dandelion crowns, dead poetic, dead to fall, dillinger escape plan, drunk on apple juice, duct tape, fire, flavored condoms, fractured butterflies, friends, from autumn to ashes, fruit loops, further seems forever, glossed lips, glue, guitar center, guitars, gum, hate, heroin, heroin addicts, his voice, hope_to_die, hopesfall, hypon, in flames, incense, jack off jill, jimi hendrix, juice, killswitch, kissing, lachapelle, late night rain, lip gloss, liquid sex, local shows, love, matches, matthew, michelangelo, mindless self indulgence, mocha, music, nile, nirvana, nora, norma jean, orgy, oscar wilde, painted rain, painting, pajama pants, paper wings, park swings, peaches, peanut butter and jelly, photography, piercings, pineapple, plaid, poetry, poison the well, radiohead, rain, rainbows on oils, razor blades, reading, remembering never, requiem for a dream, rings, safety pins, sailing past the sunset, scars, second-hand smoke, shai halud, sharpies, shattered hearts, silence, silverchair, sketchbooks, skycamefalling, sleeping, slit wrists, smashing pumpkins, smoothies, sneaker pimps, snow, socks, speaking in tongues, splintered angels, stale cigarettes, suicide, taproot, the casualties, the crow, the pixies, thrift stores, thunder storms, thursday, toe rings, tool, traveling, turpentine, undying, unearth, vampires, vintage clothing, walls of jericho, watermelon, whipped creme kisses, writing, zao